10 indications You are Addicted to Your Mobile Phone!

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Addicted to your cell phone and what to do about it.

As of January 2014, 90% of American adults own a cell phone.  Current statistics report that 46% of smart phone owners say their smart phone is something “they couldn’t live without,” according to Pew Research Center. I would venture to say that percentage is much higher.

Your cell phone transports you from the here and now to somewhere else, to someone else or to distract you to think about something else.  But are you missing out on your personal life experience with such an addiction?  Listed below are habits that indicate you are addicted and what to do about it.

  1. You check email or message Apps while driving or at any pause in driving like each stop light.
  2. When watching TV, you must have my phone within reach.
  3. While eating, you must have my cell phone within view.
  4. While visiting with friends, you check your cell phone for messages.
  5. While in business meetings, you have your cell phone in view.
  6. If you get a message notification, you immediately stop to read the notification, even if you are driving or in the middle of a conversation.
  7. In a restaurant you talk at full volume on your cell phone and forget others are in the room.
  8. If there is a pause in anything you are doing, like waiting in line, elevator ride, or TV commercials, you pull out your cell phone and check your favorite apps.
  9. You are on a date or other social engagement, and at any break in conversation or moment of privacy, you stop and check your phone for messages or updates.
  10. You experience anxiety if you leave your cell phone at home.

The solution is to stay present.

Switch your focus on “The Now”, “The Who” and “The What” that is in front of you.

When visiting with friends, social encounters, events and activities, or business meetings, simply turn off the phone or to silent mode and visit, and engage with the life experience that is in front of you.  You will rediscover much more deeper and gratifying personal interactions.

When eating, put the phone away and take the 15 minutes enjoy a good meal. Take in the moment and remember the food you are eating is nourishing your body and mind. It is part of the life experience and should be enjoyed fully.

And when you have those pauses throughout the day, such as stop lights or waiting in line, take in the scenery and people around you and what is happening at that moment. Notice who and what you have brought into your life experience at this moment. This is the life experience you are creating, moment by moment, each day of your life. This is your personal movie and you are the star. There is more information around you to observe that reflect your life’s journey direction than anywhere else.  Learn to observe and be amazed at what will eventually begin to present itself to you.

While talking on your phone, keep aware of where you are and what you are doing while you are having a discussion. If the timing or place is not right to talk, delay the conversation, call back or exit to an area where you can sit down, relax and engage in a meaning conversation without trying to multi-task. You always don’t have to maximize your time.

Founder of Cruz Anti Radiation Phone Cases.

Founder of Cruz Anti Radiation Phone Cases.

And lastly, stop holding your phone next to your skull unless you have some type of cellular frequency blocking barrier between you and your phone.  By John Cruz. Founder of www.CruzCases.com. FB: https://www.facebook.com/cruzcases Bio Shielded Radiation Protecting Phone Cases.

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