When Holding Your Cell Phone Next to Your Head is Not A Good Idea

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Holding Your Cell Phone Next to Your Head?

If you are like most, you love your mobile phone. And like most people you use your cell phone consistently throughout the day. That means holding your phone next to  your brain. So what’s the problem? Did you know the Federal Communication Commission recommends keeping your cell phone 5 to 25 millimeters away from your body, depending on the model, to limit radio frequency exposure to safe levels.

You’ve heard the health warnings before especially for women and children. And with a busy life who has time to read the cell phone health warnings manufacturers put in their user manuals? I often wonder I haven’t I seen anyone with a problem? They are out there. Click here is you want to see a stomach turning disgusting photo of a reported example. Warning Distrubing Photo .  Allow me to offer my 5 simple suggestions that could make a difference in your short and long term health associated to your cell phone usage.

  1. Do not hold your unprotected phone next to your head.
  2. Do not place your mobile phone inside your shirt pocket next to your heart.
  3. Do not slip your mobile phone inside the waistband of your short pants or workout pants.
  4. Do not slip your mobile phone inside your sports bra or down your shirt.
  5. Do not carry your phone inside your pockets.

John Cruz Founder of Cruz Cases“I simply don’t want my cell phone’s radio signals going into my brain. Its that simple” say founder and innovator John F Cruz, (Salt Lake City UT) designer of the next generation of shielded phone cases offering maximum protection to block the powerful cell phone signals directed at your brain without you having to change the way you use your mobile phone.  Make good health your lifestyle.  Come check us out at www.CruzCases.com  for a healthier alternative.


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