John Cruz Founder of Cruz CasesINTRODUCTION:  John Cruz, Founder of Cruz Cases, started the company as Press Shield in 2010. John researched and tested radiation blocking materials and various designs to block cell phone radiation in the same lab (University of Utah) that was used by Dr. Om Gandhi to test for the radiation levels for the first Motorola phones prior to the mobile phone industry launch. Dr. Gandhi first report these phones warmed tissue in the brain. However Motorola pulled funding when Gandhi published his findings.

Cruz introduced his first radiation protection phone case as Press Shield, a front mounted shield that attached to the face of the phone without adhesives. This gave mobile phone users the protection they needed from the powerful pulsed microwave radio signal reported to cause so much personal health issues.  Press Shields were made at John’s kitchen table, each by hand to ensure the materials used to protect from the powerful cell phone signals would not be damaged in the productive process.

As demand for Press Shields developed, John realized the convenience of a offering a fully developed phone case using the same maximum protection techniques offered in Press Shield.  John’s first phone case had a flip up and over cover lid.  A very cool design. This phone case was very sleek and the first of its kind.

As demand continued to grow, John started to design other looks for the phone cases and Cruz Cases was adopted as the product name.  John changed from the flip up to flip over book cover design phone case.  He started working with new materials to give his customers more of a personal experience holding the Cruz cases.

Each new design of Cruz Cases went through personal and industrial testing to ensure the maximum radiation protection was being provided.  Salt Lake City Alpha Labs, maker of the Trimeter, a portable hand held radiation detection device was used as the unofficial testing authority. John’s top priority has and remains to bring the best quality cell phone case experience with the combined feature of blocking the powerful and often harmful cell phone signals directed int the brain and body each time people use their cell phone.

Cruz Case Review: http://www.healthybdaily.com/can-your-cell-phone-damage-your-brain/

Additional Background:  John Cruz, founder of Cruz Cases,  has a long track record of research and product development which includes several first-to-market software products, video playback, streaming video portals (first YouTube type of streaming video upload/sharing), video email and more which landed him as a featured innovator on Microsoft’s website.

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