John Cruz Founder of Cruz CasesINTRODUCTION:  John Cruz, Founder of Cruz Cases, started the company as Press Shield in 2010. John researched and tested radiation blocking materials and various designs to block cell phone radiation in the same lab (University of Utah) that was used by Dr. Om Gandhi to test for the radiation levels for the first Motorola phones prior to the mobile phone industry launch. Dr. Gandhi first report these phones warmed tissue in the brain. However Motorola pulled funding when Gandhi published his findings. One of his students was thereafter awarded the contact and published, testing is inconclusive thereby allowing the cellular industry to launch using the current nonshielded phones using pulsed microwave radio signals.

The Company first launched the product as Press Shield.  Press Shield was a front cover that adhered to the face of any cell phone providing the shielding from the radiation emitted by the cell phone.Press Shield used the best microwave radiation blocking materials sold on the market.

In 2014, the company was renamed to Cruz Cases using the stylish flip cover phone case design.  The design used upgraded materials to keep current the best technology available for shielding cell phone radiation.  Cruz cases were produced not to destroy or weaken the materials use to provide this protection.  Independent groups tested and approved John’s design and effectiveness including Alpha Labs, a manufacturer of microwave radiation meters.

Cruz Cases have been tested internally and by Alpha Labs, manufacturer of the Tri-Meter,one of the best radiation detection meters on the market. Video of the test results are posted on www.CruzCases.com.

Cruz Case Review: http://www.healthybdaily.com/can-your-cell-phone-damage-your-brain/

John Cruz, founder of Cruz Cases,  has a long track record of research and product development which includes several first-to-market software products/services which landed him as a featured innovator on Microsoft’s website.

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