Cell Phone Health Warnings Clear are Clear








Do not hold Your Cell Phone Next to Your Head!

The cell phone health warning debate is over for many mobile phone users.  The message is clear, keep your phone away from your body, unless you have some type of radiation protection on your phone. Still not convinced?  Consider this. Cell phone manufacturers print health warnings in the user manual that safe radiation levels may be exceeded when holding the device next to the head. Apple and other phone manufacturers displays radiation warnings in the operating system of the device.
What to consider when you want cell phone radiation protection:
1. Phone Cases Don’t Block Radiation unless specifically constructed to do so with the proper shielding material.
2. Back Mounted Radiation Blocking Cases may increase radiation directed towards the brain by reflecting back the signal to the front of the phone.
3. Radiation Blocking Flip Phone Cases like Cruz Cases (www.CruzCases.com) is the best option to block the radiation transmitted out of the front of the phone towards the brain and body.
4. Stickers placed on the phone do not block the pulsed microwave radiation transmitted by the mobile phone’s antenna.
Blocking radiation coming from your cell phone will become a standard safety measure common as wearing seat belts while driving your car in the next 3 years.

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