American Academy Of Pediatrics Warnings: Cell Phone Radiation & Your Child

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Yikes! Cell Phone Radiation Going Into Your Child’s Brain

The American Academy Of Pediatrics Endorses Cell Phone Safety Bill

Pediatricians are now warning you to limit your children’s exposure to cell phones. The right to know facts regarding your beloved mobile phone continues to grow including upcoming health warning labels placed on cell phone packaging which is now under review in 6 States.

MOBILE INDUSTRY’S POSITION: CTIA, which represents cell phone manufacturers, reports that mobile phones are tested at independent labs to ensure they meet the FCC’s mandatory radiation exposure limits.

HERE IS THE CATCH: These independent labs test your mobile phone’s radiation levels according to user manual instructing you not to hold your phone within 1″- 2″ to your body.

FACT: Each mm reduces radiation levels down 10%. Therefore testing 2″ away from the mobile phone show safe radiation levels.

REALITY: You and your children hold you cell phone next to your body and brain. You get exposure beyond what is safe with each call you make.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Start taking immediate measures to protect yourself and especially your children from this health warning that you keep reading time and time again.

John Cruz Founder of Cruz Cases I just don’t want your cell phone screwing up a perfectly functioning brain. By John Cruz, founder, Salt Lake City UT. Cruz Smart Phone Cases block cell phone signals directed at your brain without changing the way you use your phone. Is just makes sense.



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