FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Cruz Radiation Blocking Phone Cases now releasing its new iPhone 7 Cruz Case.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 25, 2017 ( Cruz Radiation Blocking Phone Cases now releasing its new iPhone 7 Cruz Case.

All iPhone cell phone instruction manuals warn consumers not to hold the device next to their head or body or safe radiation levels may be exceeded.  This warning is also found on the iPhone by selecting; Settings, About, Legal, then RF Exposure.

Cruz Cases has expertly designed a durable and fashionable phone case for both men and women that block the radiation directed towards the brain and body without customers having to change the way they use the cell phone.  Cruz Cases started selling radiation protective cases in 2011. Each year new upgrades and designs has made Cruz Cases a popular choice for customers not wanting to take risks associated to the cell phone health warnings published worldwide.

“It’s hard to imagine not using a cell phone with all the great features they provide.” say Founder John Cruz. “Our job is to give customers an option to use them safely without the long term health problems”.  Other features include; RFID credit card scan block, wallet feature design, inbound text and call privacy guard, video viewing angle, and dent resistant without interfering with cell tower communication.

Cruz Cases are sold online and on Amazon in the USA and Canada.  For more information please visit or email


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