Do Cell Phones Damage Your Child’s Brain?

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How to Protect Your Child

We are in an age where many parents encourage cell phone use for their children. One of the reason is because cell phones make such a perfect baby sitter. Is that so surprising? Seems like kids want more stimulus and they get distracted quickly. And with so many children apps, cell phones offer the perfect distraction that keeps teenagers and younger entertained for hours, giving mom and dad a little free time.


But will your children pay the price?

I believe one of the single most important health issues facing your child today, is the cell phone. Holding your cell phone next to your brain and body is a new danger that left us unprepared to handle. Meanwhile is damage being done to  your child right now?

There is a reason why so many health organizations and scientists continually warn you about not holding your cell phone next to your brain.  You can even find the warning in your cell phone user’s manual.

A study in the international journal Epidemiology in October last year found that people who have used cell phones for at least 10 years may have an increased risk of developing a rare brain tumor. According to Dr. Om Gandhi, (EMF research scientist), whom I interviewed, radiation absorption is even greater in women and children. One reported issue is children’s brain development is effected and one of the consequences is their ability to focus and absorb information. Yikes!

In a highly competitive world where every brain cell counts, don”t put your child at a disadvantage to succeed in life. Teach your child to use the phone on speaker while holding the phone at least 2 inches away from their head. Simple adjustment. And if using headphones, keep the phone out of your pockets. Remember it is the phone that is sending out the microwave signals to the towers.   There are protective phone cases that block the radiation as well. Use them.  But do your research. Some cases actually increase exposure.

Founder of Cruz Anti Radiation Phone Cases.

Founder of Cruz Anti Radiation Phone Cases.

These global health warnings are published to support you in ways the mobile phone industry or government cannot do at this time. Don’t wait for the Cell Phone Health Warning Labels to be printed on cell phone packages. Make good health your lifestyle. By John Cruz, founder, Radiation Protecting Phone Cases without changing the way you use your phone.





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