VIP Cruz Case

The VIP Case is a 3 in 1 Cruz Case perfectly fitting 3 iPhones (iPhone 6/6s), (iPhone 7/7s) and (iPhone 8/8s).  The VIP case exceeds your expectation in quality and construction. This durable case will be available for  your new iPhone upgrade blocking the cell phone microwave radiation signal directed towards your brain without affecting cell tower communication.

How does Cruz Cases block radiation?

Cruz Case flip lid covers are constructed of RELEXTREX core, a patent pending micron metal fabric designed in a manner that block and reflect back the microwave signals directed directed to your brain and body. Your cell phone emits a pulsed microwave radio signal in all directions, including into your brain.  Cruz Cases block the signals coming out of the front of the phone and reflect them to the back of the phone, away from your head, brain and body, providing protection from this harmful radiation. Cell Phone radiation is near field radiation. Which mean, you can exceed safe radiation exposure if you hold your cell phone next to your body.

Open the case cover to make or answer a call. Immediately close the cover. Talk/Listen through the cover with perfect clarity. The cover blocks the harmful radiation directed towards your brain, head and body.

How do I use Cruz Cases?

Simply snap your mobile phone into the dent resistant bumper cradle on the Cruz Case. Flip the Cruz lid open to accept calls. Flick the cover lid back over the phone, then talk/listen right through the protective cover with perfect clarity. When texting, flip the lid cover to the back of the phone.  ALWAYS keep the Cruz Case flip lid cover and Logo when talking or carrying, between you and your phone.

Cell Phones and Brain Tumors
Mobile Phone Manufacturer's Warnings

Mobile phone manufacturers print in their user manual warnings for you not to hold their cell phone within 1 to 2 inches next to your body.  This warning is printed in the user manual and displayed in the operating system.  iPhone (Settings, General, About, Legal, RF Exposure).

Does Cruz Case protect my phone if I would drop it?

YES. Cruz Cases provide 360° dent resistant protection using a flex-protect silicon phone guard which absorbs the shock preventing dents and damage from most typical drop events.

How do I clean my Cruz Case?

To clean your Cruz Case, wipe with a damp cloth on the outside and inside to keep your Cruz Case looking new. Do not use chemicals on the phone case or you may effect the effectiveness of the case. Also, do not leave your Cruz Case in the hot sun or set in any water. No replacements are provided by your maintenance of your case.

How does the privacy guard work?

Nearby eyes naturally glances at your phone when you receive an inbound text or call. Cruz Cases design use a flip cover over the face of your phone keeping your personal contact information private. Simply flip open the cover at your convenience in your privacy to review and answer messages and calls.

Do Cruz Cases Prevent Screen Breakage

Cruz Cases provide dent prevention but no screen damage. Like most phone cases damage can occur if dropped at the right angle on the right surface the impact could result in display screen breakage. We recommend using one of the many screen protectors available on the market for additional support. This is especially true when using the Cruz Universal Case.

Cruz Universal Cases: We recommend that you leave your back mounted phone case on your phone then press both to the Universal SureGrip Slider pad.. This also gives you additional breakage protection along with the Cruz Radiation Cover protection.

Do Cruz Cases have better protection than Pong Cases?

Pong Cases have had tremendous success in the market, supported by large investors. However do Pong Cases work? Pong Cases fit to the back of the phone.  Mobile phone broadcast a pulsed microwave signal out in all directions, front back, sides, top and bottom. These signals can be detected by radiation meters.  Pong cases shield signals transmitting out the back of your phone protecting your hands. “If” this shielding material reflects the radiation signals, as many shielding materials do,then those signals transmitted out of the back are now reflected back to the front side of the phone, the direction of the body, head and brain, potentially increasing this exposure while blocking the signals directed to  your hand, a lesser concern.

What does Cruz Cases have over the competition?

Standard phone cases do not block the microwave radio signals transmitted by phone.  Competitive anti-radiation cases blocks the cell phone signals coming out of the back towards your hand. This is not good. Most radiation blocking methods reflect back the radiation radio signals.  Many competitors place shielding on the back of the phone, which can reflect your cell phone’s radiation back into your face.  Cruz Cases provide the protection from cell phone signals directed out of the front of your phone directed at your brain and body.

Cruz Cases also use proprietary methods in construction processes and manufacturing that are required in order to maintain the integrity of the shielding properties of the final Cruz Case product. Otherwise, the protection will quickly deteriorate can become ineffective. This means while possibly using other cases, especially back mounted cases, feeling confident in being protected, you may not be.

We use our cases because we know they work very well and look great. The 2 qualities that we feel place us ahead of our competition. We invite you to purchase a Cruz Case and feel the difference.


Cruz Case Warranty

If you find a manufacturing defect on your Cruz Case, just let us know, send it back and we will replace it free.

Can I test how effective Cruz Cases block radiation?

Testing the effectiveness of your Cruz Case requires a low frequency near field microwave meter measuring between 900MHz and 2.5GHz.  Call out on your phone, place the meter over the face of your phone, measure, then place cover over the face of the phone and place meter over the top of the cover and compare results.  You should see a significant drop in the measurement.

However, there are many factors that could affect your reading. You must use a near field radiation meter set to the correct frequencies. These meters do exist.  Some meters are expensive which doesn’t necessary mean they are more effective. They could be more sensitive picking up reading from lights, bouncing waves, other transmitters, even your body.  Where you test your phone many even give you different results.

Please note we do not provide testing training or support. We have tested our cases at various levels of materials and construction, which also must be correct or proper shield will not be successful and leak radiation through any case, front or back.  We use the test results from radiation meter manufacturers or University test labs as reference to the effectiveness of Cruz Cases.  We use the best reflectrex material on the market specifically engineered providing up to 60decibles attenuation of the cell phone signal.

Radiation is considered by most all testing standards to be 99% effective when the signal attenuates down to 20 decibels.  After 20 decibels, measurements are recorded as 99.9%, 99.99% and so on. There is never 100% radiation blocking unless the entire phone is completely covered to the point where on signal escapes out of the phone.  If for any reason you do not feel our testing is valid, then do not buy this case.

Maximum Life of Your Cruz Case

Do not stick any material on your Cruz Case as it may effect the protection from radiation designed for the mobile phone case. Clean case with damp cloth when necessary. Never use chemicals to clean your case. Also keep out of direct sunlight or on dashboard in your car. Immediately wipe any oils, food or make up off your Cruz Case.  Enjoy your Cruz Case and your decision for a healthier lifestyle.

FTC Charges Sellers of Cell Phone Radiation Protection Patches with Making False Claims

FTC Charges Sellers of Cell Phone Radiation Protection Patches with Making False Claims