What is the Cruz Explorer Phone Case

The Cruz Explorer phone case line is very exciting, durable and the look and feel is outstanding. The corners are rounded to match the look of the iPhone.  And 1 Cruz Explorer case fits multiple phones. Why? Because the size of the phones are the same. For example the iPhone 7 and 8 phones are the same size. We modified the camera holes to match to the phone models. Some can use the iphone 6 phones, but you would have to clip out the center bridge in the camera hole cut out.

VIP Cruz Case

The VIP Case is a 3 in 1 Cruz Case perfectly fitting 6 iPhones (iPhone 6/6s), (iPhone 7/7s) and (iPhone 8/8s).  The VIP case exceeds your expectation in quality and construction. This durable case has reinforced stitching around the highest level of frequency shielding protecting you from the powerful cell phone signals directed into your brain each time you use your phone without changing how you use your phone and without effecting cell tower communication.  The VIP case comes in 2 colors and 2 models, also fitting the PLUS iPhones.

How does Cruz Cases block radiation?

Cruz Case flip lid covers are constructed of RELEXTREX core, a patent pending micron metal fabric incorporated into the case to provide the maximum protection from the powerful cell phone frequencies that are directed into your brain and body each time you use your phone.  The Reflectrex material is placed on the front of the phone. Why? Your phone broadcasts radio signals out in all directions to reach the cell tower. We protect you from the signals directed out of the front of your phone.  Other product block the signal transmitted out of the back of the phone. This is wrong because radiation is then reflected to the front of the phone right into your brain and body.  Cruz Cases is engineered correctly and offers the maximum radiation protection on the market today. Always keep the Cruz case flip cover between you and your phone for protection when using your phone or carrying your phone in your pockets.

Open the case cover to make or answer a call. Immediately close the cover. Talk/Listen through the cover with perfect clarity. The cover blocks the harmful radiation directed towards your brain, head and body.

How do I use Cruz Cases?

Simply snap your mobile phone into the dent resistant bumper cradle on the Cruz Case. Flip the Cruz lid open to accept calls. Flick the cover lid back over the phone, then talk/listen right through the protective cover with perfect clarity. When texting, flip the lid cover to the back of the phone.  ALWAYS keep the Cruz Case flip lid cover and Logo when talking or carrying, between you and your phone.

Cell Phones and Brain Tumors

Cell Phones and Brain Tumors









More brain tumors are reported around the world which are now associated to be linked to cell phone usages.  These reports are published by health professional experts and institutions around the world.  Brain tumors are associated to the cell phone because the pulsed microwave signals used by cell phones break down the brain barrier protection in the body which protects toxins in the blood stream from entering the brain area. When the barrier is weaken, toxins in your blood stream enter the brain area and put you at a health risks. For more information search cell phone brain tumors.

Mobile Phone Manufacturer's Warnings

Mobile phone manufacturers print in their user manual warnings for you not to hold their cell phone within 1 to 2 inches next to your body.  This warning is printed in the user manual and displayed in the operating system by Apple and other cell phone manufactures.  iPhone (Settings, General, About, Legal, RF Exposure).  iPhone has modified their Legal RF warning as such strong statements bring concerns to their consumer base. Our position is it is our individual responsibility to make decision to protect our health and well-being. Cruz phone cases give you that option if you are concerned about cell phone signals directed into your brain and body.

Does Cruz Case protect my phone if I would drop it?

Cruz cases uses a silicone based phone holder provided standard drop protection for most typically accidental drops.  Cruz Cases does not warrant this protection as the main feature of focus is radiation protection into the brain.  We encourage you to use a screen protector with your Cruz case for added protection.  For universal Cruz cases that fit over 22 different phones, we encourage  you to use a back mounted phone case on your phone, then mount that back mounted case to the Universal Sure Grip pad. See Universal Cases for more information.

How do I clean my Cruz Case?

To clean your Cruz Case, wipe with a damp cloth on the outside and inside to keep your Cruz Case looking new. Do not use chemicals on the phone case or you may effect the effectiveness of the case. Also, do not leave your Cruz Case in the hot sun or set in any water. No replacements are provided by your maintenance of your case.

How does the privacy guard work?

Nearby eyes naturally glances at your phone when you receive an inbound text or call. Cruz Cases design use a flip cover over the face of your phone keeping your personal contact information private. Simply flip open the cover at your convenience in your privacy to review and answer messages and calls.

Do Cruz Cases Prevent Screen Breakage

Cruz Cases provide dent prevention but no screen damage. Like most phone cases damage can occur if dropped at the right angle on the right surface the impact could result in display screen breakage. We recommend using one of the many screen protectors available on the market for additional support. This is especially true when using the Cruz Universal Case.

Cruz Universal Cases: We recommend that you leave your back mounted phone case on your phone then press both to the Universal SureGrip Slider pad.. This also gives you additional breakage protection along with the Cruz Radiation Cover protection.

Do Cruz Cases have better protection than Pong Cases?

Pong Cases have had tremendous success in the market, supported by large investors. However do Pong Cases work? Pong Cases fit to the back of the phone.  Mobile phone broadcast a pulsed microwave signal out in all directions, front back, sides, top and bottom. These signals can be detected by radiation meters.  Pong cases shield signals transmitting out the back of your phone protecting your hands. “If” this shielding material reflects the radiation signals, as many shielding materials do,then those signals transmitted out of the back are now reflected back to the front side of the phone, the direction of the body, head and brain, potentially increasing this exposure while blocking the signals directed to  your hand, a lesser concern.

What does Cruz Cases have over the competition?

Standard phone cases do not block the microwave radio signals transmitted by phone.  Most cases are constructed of plastics or leather which offer no radiation shielding protection.  Although these cases vary in costs from $10 to $95, they offer no protection from the radiation.

Some competitive phone cases offered limited shielding. Most competitive cases use inferior materials to save money and increase profits.  The result is these phone cases offer protection for a limited time due to weather and temperature and often at a reduced level, no where near the level of protection of a Cruz phone case.

Also, many competitive cases offering shielding place shielding on the back of the phone case which reflect the powerful radiation back into your head and body. These products should be taken off the market because they increase your exposure.

Only Cruz cases have been constructed and testing using the best “earth friendly” materials offering the maximum level of cell phone radiation protection directed into your brain and body each time you use your cell phone.


Cruz Case Warranty

If you find a manufacturing defect on your Cruz Case, just let us know, send it back and we will replace it free with 30 days of use with the retail box and transaction receipt.

Can I test how effective Cruz Cases block radiation?

Testing the effectiveness of your Cruz Case requires a low frequency near field microwave meter measuring between 900MHz and 2.5GHz.  There are hand held radiation meters available on the market for testing at home. However using these devices does require knowledge of how to correctly test.

If you desire to test at home, make sure your devices has the capacity to test for near field radiation between 900HZ AND 2.5GZ. Ensure that other sources of signals that might trigger the meter is removed or turned off.  Your phone should be calling out or actively engaged in a phone case.  However your phone will send our periodic signals to connect to the cell phone that will give you periodic spikes of radiation signal readings.

For the correct use of your hand held radiation meter contact the manufacture and ask specifically for cell phone radiation testing instructions.


Maximum Life of Your Cruz Case

Do not stick any material on your Cruz Case as it may effect the protection from radiation designed for the mobile phone case. Clean case with damp cloth when necessary. Never use chemicals to clean your case. Also keep out of direct sunlight or on dashboard in your car. Immediately wipe any oils, food or make up off your Cruz Case.  Enjoy your Cruz Case and your decision for a healthier lifestyle.