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Maximum Radiation Protection EMF Protection RFID Protection 360 dent resistant protection Display Screen Protection, money sleeve. credit card holders, video viewing kick stand, cleans with a damp cloth, durable, a magnificent case with ultra thin design with magnetic technology to keep cover close.

3 in 1 Case

The NEW 3 in 1 Cruz Case perfectly fits the iPhone 6, 7, or 8 and the PLUS version fits iPhone 6+, 7+ and 8+.  We call it Cruz VIP because you deserve the best. And this Cruz case is the best phone case on the market that blocks cell phone signals directed at your brain.

Universal Cases

Our universal cases are specially designed to support a variety of cell phones that come in medium (under 5 inches) and large (under 6 inches) cell phones. Our patent pending flip cover blocks the radiation directed towards your head.  You can keep your back mounted case if you like. Just press your phone to the Universal case and enjoy style and protection.

iPhone 6/6s, 7/7s, & 8/8s

1 Cruz Case fits 3 iPhones
  • Brown3in1CruzCase
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Black Cruz Case iPhone 6/6s, 7/7s, & 8/8s

Fits 3/6 iPhones
  • CruzCaseBlackFront8
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Black iPhone X Cruz Case

  • CruzProductPhotoOpen
Arriving Now at Warehouse- Pending Warehouse processing

Black 3 in 1 Cruz Case iPhone 6, 7, & 8 PLUS

  • BLACKlogocloseup
Available Soon

Online Special 6/6s Zebra Case

  • Cruz HD Radiation Free Phone Case
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iPhone 6+/6s+ Black Cruz Case

  • iphone6plusBlack
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iPhone 6+/6s+ Red Cruz Case

  • iPhone6PlusRed
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Online Special 6+/6S+ Zebra Case

  • iPhone6pluszebra
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iPhone 5/5s/5se Black Cruz Case

  • iPhone5Black
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iPhone 5/5s/5se Red Cruz Case

  • CruzRedCustomStand
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Online Special 5/5s/5se Zebra Case

  • iPhone5Zebra
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Universal Cases Protect Over 22 Cell Phones

Cruz Universal Slider Cases attaches to your phone and block 99% radiation that is directed toward your brain.
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