How the Cell Phone Industry made us think that Cell Phones are Safe

How the Cell Phone Industry made us think that Cell Phones are Safe

In the published athrticle,  The Connection Between Cell phones And Cancer, (April 05, 2018), the article presents many channels into research between cancer and cell phones.

What you might find most interesting is learning if the cell phones are not safe then how are they approved safe by the FCC?

If is first helpful to read the statement from CTIA, the wireless industry association. Before reading the statement it is important to know that this committee’s mission is similar to an OPEC type of organization that is focus on global revenues attainable from the mobile phone industry.

CTIA statement

“No cell phone or antenna may be lawfully sold or deployed in the U.S. without being certified as compliant with the FCC’s emission limits. On February 2, 2018, the FDA’s director of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health issued a statement concluding that based on the “hundreds of studies from which to draw a wealth of information” the research “taken together” gives the FDA “confidence that the current safety limits for cell phone radiation remain acceptable for protecting the public health.”

But what is not conveniently mentioned is that the FCC certified the emission’s compliance in accordance to the cell phone user’s instruction manual, which specifically states the cell phone must be held away from the head and body.   Consequently the FCC tested for emissions not next to the phone was  you and I use the phone, but away from the phone as specified in your user’s instruction manual.

Each MM away from the body, decreases the radiation energy absorption into the body and brain.

However, do you or your family members hold the phone away from the head when using?  Of course not. The phone is designed to be held next to the ear and everyone does so.  Is it a dis-service that the FCC doesn’t not clearly inform the public of this fact?

What seems clear is the manipulation of the presentation of information leads us to the conclusion that information released by the industry and the CTIA cannot be trusted at face value.

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Final message:  The cell phone is such a critical device in our lives today.  Please hold your phone away from your head while using. And especially teach your family to do the same, especially young children.  Information is always display at Thank you.

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