Is Your Cell Phone Damaging Your Brain?








Is Your Cell Phone Damaging Your Brain?

MOBILE INDUSTRY’S POSITION: CTIA, which represents cell phone industry, reports that mobile phones are tested at independent labs to ensure they meet the FCC’s mandatory radiation exposure limits.

HERE IS THE CATCH: These independent labs test your mobile phone’s radiation levels according to user manual instructing you not to hold your phone within 1″- 2″ to your body.

FACT: Each mm reduces radiation levels down 10%. Therefore testing 2″ away from the mobile phone show safe radiation levels, otherwise, cell phone radiation levels could be much higher than allowed by FCC.

BAD NEWS: You hold your phone next to your brain when talking. You have your cell phone in your pockets which still send signals to the towers and result in microburst of radiation accumulation. Even expensive phone cases do not protect from the radiation.

John Cruz Founder of Cruz CasesGOOD NEWS: Cruz Cases makes a maximum radiation blocking case that works. “I just don’t want your cell phone screwing up a perfectly functioning brain” says John Cruz, Salt Lake City UT. Cruz Smart Phone Cases block cell phone signals directed into your brain without changing the way you use your phone. See product testing on the website. Follow articles on Facebook for additional information.

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