FCC warnings | phones are NOT safe to use if held directly on the body.


Are you damaging your BRAIN?

New smart phones come with FCC warnings that phones are NOT safe to use if held directly on the body.  Regardless of opposing reports that your cell phone is not harmful, you need to consider that in your cell phone user manual, the manufacture instructs you not to hold your mobile phone next to your head or body.

Why keep distance between you and your mobile phone? Radiation levels decrease 10% for each mm you keep distance from your phone and your body.  Otherwise, the pulsed microwave cellular signals will exceed the allowed safety levels.

When the FCC tests your mobile phone is it not next to the device. This testing is based on the manufacturer’s instructions.  But the device is designed to be held next to the body.  And that is the problem.

Are you holding your phone next to your brain? Is your family? Are you employees? We all use and carry our mobile phones next to our body and our brain.

What can you do about it? Are you protected?

Standard phone cases do not block this radiation. Cruz Cases are constructed of materials that reflect back these pulsed microwave signals transmitted out of the front of the phone back away from the body towards the cell towers. And you do not have to change the way you use your phone.

You have a choice. Make it a good one with your mobile phone usage. For $40, these new Cruz Cases significantly block these powerful mobile phone signals without affecting the cell tower connection.

Safety and performance. Why take risk?  Go to CruzCases.com . Ultra thin, ultra high performance cases offering maximum protection when holding your mobile phone next to your body, your brain.


John Cruz, Founder/CEO has a long track record of research and product development which includes several first-to-market software products/services which landed him as a featured innovator on Microsoft’s website. Example of products include Moments of Discovery Full Screen Video Screen Saver (partnership with Discovery Channel), Video Express (add-on to Macromedia’s Director for smooth video playback, Video Express Viewer, a first to market full screen natural motion video player for off-the-shelf Windows computers, Video Express Email, a 30 minute video emailing system without having to download file attachments. John also designed 2 government computer software applications for the State of Utah, performed DOE performance audits on nuclear waste disposal contractors in 3 States, performs motivational product/business planning seminars and appears as a featured actor in indie films and commercials.

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