Please Not Another Cell Phone Health Warning!

Are you in danger

Maybe we should pay attention

Just when you forgotten the last warning you stumbled upon, perhaps could this be a reminder that makes the issue stick? Consider your mobile phone user manual in small print, warns you not to hold the mobile device next to the head.  And yet they advertise with some young girl or boy holding the cell phone next to their brain enjoying their cell phone? And yes that is an oxymoron.

Not consider its not just the manufacturers warning you. Credible health organizations, all major news channels and research scientists publish warnings from various countries giving you a heads up how to avoid health problems when using your mobile. Do not hold your phone next to your body.  But is anyone listening?

Did you know the City of San Francisco passed a “Right to Know” ordinance so when their citizens buy a mobile phone they could easily compare which mobile phones emit the most cell phone radiation directed into their skull? Way to go SF City Counsel! Courageous, but short lived. Why? The Wireless Industry Association, aka, CTIA, watch dog for cellular revenues, sued and forced the City to drop the ordinance. One might assume CTIA is putting an effort to minimize public health awareness while maximizing earnings without disrupted cellular industry spending.

But here is the kicker. Did they create a CYA, end around 9, the fine print ready to give legal protection, all meaning one thing?A defensible position in a lawsuit.  Because if you are one of the unlucky cell phone users that get a tumor growing in your brain or become a proud parent with a child exhibiting symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder from cellular phone exposure, then your lawsuit might not be so easy to win or even settle. Why? Remember at the beginning of this article? Cell Phone manufacturers warned you in their user manuals; do not to hold the device next to your head or body. Got-cha!  Great fall back CTIA defense against consumers that don’t take precautions. If you think the City of SF had problems in fighting this monster, what chances do you think you will have?


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I wanted to give people an option to use their mobile phone more safely. That is why I created, designed and tested Cruz Flip Cover Phone Cases. Constructed of Reflectrex Core, a high tech designer phone case constructed of material that reflects back the cell phone signals directed out of the front of your phone back to the cell tower.  Reduce down your exposure without changing how you use your phone.

These global health warnings are published to support you in ways the mobile phone industry or government cannot do at this time. Don’t wait for the Health warning labels proposed as new laws in several States concerned for their citizens.  By John Cruz. FB: The Next Generation Phone Cases.


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