Cruz iPhone 7/7s Case (Black)




Only with a Cruz phone case.  The best iPhone 7 and 7s Case you can buy to protect from the powerful cell phone radio signals (radiation EMF) directed into the brain every time you use your phone.

All Cruz phone cases use special materials constructed to shield radio frequencies out of the front of the phone.  Cruz phone cases block 99.99% of the potential harmful radiation that your body would otherwise absorb.  Many reports are published worldwide, about not taking risks when holding your cell phone next to your body. Cruz cases give you the protection you need without effecting the cell phone communication with cell phone towers.

Your new Cruz case include credit card holders and a money sleeve. Always keep the front cover between you and your phone for complete protection. Open the cover to talk or answer a phone call. Then close the cover and talk through the cover with perfect clarity. Only the unique Cruz case design and patents give you this protection.

When your health matters and protection to your phone is essential, get a Cruz phone case.

Restocking fee of $10 applies to any returns.

  • Protection without changing how you use your phone 

VIEW LIMITED WARRANTY THAT COMES WITH YOUR PURCHASE. Free replacement with manufactured defect within 30 days of shipment.