Cruz Universal Slider Cases

One case fits over 22 different cell phones

Select either Large for cell phones 6’5 inches tall or less.

Select Medium for phones more close to 5.5 inches tall or less.



To use press your phone and your existing phone case to the Universal SureGrip Slider pad. Open to make to receive phone calls. Immediately close flip lid and talk or listen with perfect clarity. Slide the phone up to take phones. Always keep Cruz radiation blocking flip cover between you and phone even when not in use.


  1. Blocks cell phone signals directed towards your brain and body.
  2. EMF protection
  3. RFID protection
  4. Fits over 22 different cell phones
  5. Magnetic Flip Cover Keep cover closed
  6. Access to all ports (Charger/Audio)
  7. Protects camera and lens
  8. Wallet Feature

iPhone 6 (Black)

Attractive Phone Case
  • iPhone6Black
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iPhone 6 (Red)

  • redCruzSlider
Fashion and Protection

iPhone 7 (Black)

Durable Luxury Case
  • iPhone7Black
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Medium Size 5 Colors

Fits Any Phone Less than 5.5 Inches
  • Phone popped up to take pictures on Cruz Quantum Phone Case
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LARGE Size 5 Colors

Fits phones less than 6.5 Inches Tall
  • Cruz Large Slider Cases Blocks Radiation
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