Best iPhone Cases on the Market

Blocks Cell Phone Signals Directed into the Brain!

NEW VIP Cruz Case

The new Cruz VIP phone cases surpass your expectation in quality and features. These durable phone cases use the finest earth friendly materials and engineering. Quality. You feel it.


Snap your phone into the case cradle. Open the flip cover lid to make or answer a phone call. Immediately close the lid to talk or listen for radiation protection. Always keep the Cruz flip cover between you and your phone, whenever your phone is near your pockets.

Safety First

You may exceed safe radiation exposure limits if using your phone without a Cruz Case.  Go beyond safety by blocking the cell phone signals directed towards your brain and body without compromise to your signal strength.

Brown iPhone 6/7/8

1 Cruz Case fits 3 iPhones
  • Brown3in1CruzCase
Brown VIP Case

Black iPhone 6/7/8

1 Cruz Case fits 3 iPhones
  • CruzBlackBlocks Radiation
Black VIP Case

Zebra IPhone 6 Case

Protects Brain
  • Cruz  Radiation Free Phone Case
Zebra iPhone 6 Case

Black VIP PLUS 6/7/8

1 Case fits 3 PLUS iPhones
  • Black on table side MD
Black iPhone PLUS

Red 6 PLUS

  • iPhone6PlusRed
Red iPhone 6

Zebra 6 PLUS

  • iPhone6pluszebra
Zebra iPhone 6

Black iPhone X

  • BlackCruzIphoneX
Black iphone X

Zebra iPhone 5/5se

  • iPhone5Zebra
Zebra i5

Black iPhone 5/5se Case

  • iPhone5Black

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