Walmart Picks up Cruz Phone Cases

Cruz Smart Phone Cases                   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Walmart Picks up Cruz Phone Cases

Protecting Customers from Cell Phone Signals

Directed into the Brain

CRUZ CASES CORPORATION, (, July 116, 2019. Cruz Cases announce its line of phone cases that block the powerful cell phone signals that go into your brain every time you use your cell phone is now on sale online on

Cruz Explorer iPhone Cases

Canada leads many other countries in increasing the awareness of the potential health affects when holding the cell phone next to the head and body. “The powerful cell phone signals break down the blood brain barrier, your body’s natural defense, allowing toxins in your blood stream to go into the brain.” report John F. Cruz, founder and designer of the Cruz cases.

Cruz phone cases different from others on the market because the protection is applied to the front of the phone not the back.  The front blocks signals directed into the head, ears, and other soft tissues protecting the entire family.  The Cruz phone case has been tested by Alpha Labs, manufacturer of the Tri-meter, popular for radiation detection.

Cruz offers cases for iPhones and a Universal case that fit over 25 different mobile phones. Each Cruz case includes RFID protective card.


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