Protect yourself from cell phone radiation
The new VIP Cruz Case fits the iPhone 6/6s, 7/7s, 8/8s. The new VIP PLUS Cruz case fits all PLUS iPhones. Universal Cruz Cases fit over 22 models of phones.    
Protect yourself from cell phone radiation
Blocks radiation transmitted by your cell phone.
Warning: Shielding phone cases placed on the back of your phone reflects radiation towards the front of your phone, increasing exposure to your brain. Notice: You may exceed radiation absorption levels if you are not using a Cruz phone case.  

Keeps Private Texts and Calls. Protects from Radiation and RFID.

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Cruz iPhone Perfect Fit Phone Cases (Radiation and RFID Block)
Cruz iPhone Cases vs. Cruz Universal Cases  Cruz iPhone cases fit perfectly for iPhone. Universal fits over 36 different cell phones many manufacturers. 
Fits over 22 different cell phones
Fits over 22 different cell phones.  Click to Buy
Maximum Protection from Radiation & RFID Blocking
Large Universal Case Fits Phone Less than 6.5 Inches Tall.  Click to Buy
Press Your Phone with back mounted case to the SureGrip Pad.
Medium Universal Case Fits Phone Less than 5.5 Inches Tall. Click to Buy

Radiation Protection

Maximum Radiation Protection, EMF Protection, RFID Protection, 360 dent resistant protection, Display Screen Protection in an Ulta Thin Design. Protects body and brain without affecting connection to the cell tower.

Case Features

Keeps private texts and inbound Calls. EMF Protection. Radiation Protection. RFID Protection. Dent Protection. Inbound text and call Privacy Protection. Wallet Feature, dirt resistant materials, kick Stand for video watching.  Instructions; Open flip cover to answer phone. Then talk/listen through cover flip lip with perfect clarity. No interference with the cellular tower.  Also, keep the Cruz Case flip lip between you and your body even when not using your phone.

2 Styles to Choose From

Perfect Fit iPhone Case: Snap your case into the phone holder. For Universal  Slider covers: Fits all phones including iPhone 6-8, Samsung S8 and iPhone x (10). Press your phone and case onto the Slider pad. Close cover to talk or listen to phone calls. Both case styles keep your inbound texts and calls private from wandering eyes.

Universal Slider Cases

Universal Cases: Select the medium Cruz Slider if your phone is less than 5.5 inches tall. Select the Large Slider Case if your phone is less than 6.5 inches tall. Just measure the height of your phone. Then order for maximum radiation protection with card holder. Replace your phone, keep your same Cruz Case.