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Introducing the New Cruz Full Protection Slider Case

Protects Phone and You

Wallet feature holds Credit Cards

Pick Small, Medium or Large Cruz Case depending upon your phone size.


Cruz iPhone Cases

Press Phone onto SureHold Slider Pad. Slide up for Photos.

New Colors & Construction

Also New Universal Cases Fit 22 phones

Radiation Protection

Cruz Phone Cases provides MAXIMUM protection from the powerful cell phone signals directed towards your brain and body without you having to change the way you use your mobile phone and without affecting the cell tower signal!

Case Features

Reflectrex Radiation Blocker Credit card holder 360° drop protection Display Screen Protection No interference with cell tower Charge Phone with case on Talk through Flip Lid Full access to all media ports Keeps phone looking new

Healthy Lifestyle

Using any phone case will not block the microwave radio signals aimed at your head. Using anti-radiation cases with protection on the back of your phone will not block the microwave signals directed at your head. Only Cruz Cases are specifically engineered using materials designed to block these signals directed at your brain and body.

Easy To Use

Simply snap your mobile phone into the dent resistant bumper cradle inside the Cruz Case. Flip the Cruz lid open to accept calls. Immediately close the cover back over the phone, then talk/listen right through the protective cover with perfect clarity. When texting, flip the lid cover to the back of the phone.

Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation

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I purchased my first case for my 5S iphone and am back for the new 6S case as soon as it is in stock. I have not taken it off the phone since I put it on. It is great when a company like Cruz does the homework for us,keeping pace with the ever expanding electronic universe we all live in. We can enjoy the latest technology,knowing that both we and the phone are protected! Many thanks! Sally

Maximum Radiation Protection | Cruz Cases
Protect yourself from cell phone radiation